for volvo semi-trucks

Anti-Theft Fuel Tank Cap

Keep your fuel safe with this unbreakable fuel tank cap cover. The system is made of cast aluminum and includes a lock made of hardened steel. It will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.


  • Keep burglars off your fuel
  • Easy to use
  • No special installation required
  • The box is made of high-quality cast aluminum
  • The firearm safety lock is made of hardened steel and will not give in to drill or metal cutters
  • Added protection to the fuel tank cap from elements, snow, dust and dirt
  • Made in Canada from domestic and imported products
  • Rust-proof
Surging fuel prices have resulted in an increasing number of fuel thefts. Police is receiving more and more reports from professional drivers who discover that their diesel tank has been emptied overnight or over the weekend.


It feels solid. I am ok with making a small investment to protect my property.
- Mika Petran
Quick delivery, easy to install and to open and close.
- Tomek Paterson
I didn't have my fuel stolen, so it must work.
- Simon Pandev